Painting a banner

Carlos Truan

January 6, 2019

I met Carlos through Cattackular (Cat). Well I met Carlos sort of before Cat. Let me explain. I was in Austin for StupidFest, the first meeting of skaters from the NeverWas Facebook group. I got there a few days before Chris and Ben. Chris I was picking up at the Airport and Ben who was […]

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Muffler Repair

You’re something else, 2019

January 4, 2019

Not the sound I wanted to hear I was driving today in Autsin listening to music, a punk band from the New years eve bash at Broken Neck when I thought I heard some odd instruments. I played it off for a few seconds, came to a red light. Then paused the music. I didn’t […]

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Neverwas Family

Starting 2019 in Austin Texas

December 30, 2018

Bear with me. Writing is one of my biggest challenges and I’m looking to improve my writing with this blog. So Shit is basically going to be allover the place for a little bit. Hopefully, some of it will make sense while other parts will be a good laugh. Enjoy. Also, I’m open to any […]

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