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Muffler Repair

You’re something else, 2019

Not the sound I wanted to hear

I was driving today in Autsin listening to music, a punk band from the New years eve bash at Broken Neck when I thought I heard some odd instruments. I played it off for a few seconds, came to a red light. Then paused the music. I didn’t hear anything. Then I started to pull out. Yup something was wrong. Really wrong. It sounded like my spare tire had come loose which I wasn’t to surprised, I’ve been waiting for it to happen. I quickly pulled over and checked the spare. Nope not that. So, I started to inspect more and quickly noticed that there was a HUGE pipe dragging on the ground. WTF, is that my drive shaft? Holy shit, please dont’ let it be that. Nope, it was my muffler pipe. It had separated from the muffler. Got that pipe off and threw it in the van. Went back to my cousins place where I tried to forget about what had just happened and how much this repair is going to cost me. I figured, I’ll make some food, clean a little and revisit my problem.

The Solution

After reaching out to Instagram to see if anyone in Austin can help, I decided to check out some YouTube videos to see if this is something I can tackle myself, on the cheap. Well, what do you know, I can. There are exhaust adapters that you can connect a broken connection and U-bolts to tighten down those connections. I got my stuff together and quickly drove to AutoZone where I found everything I needed. Got the right pipe fitting, the correct sized U-bolts, a wrench, some exhaust cement ( which I didn’t use), and $38 dollars later in the AutoZone parking lot I fixed White Falcon back up.

Nice try 2019, I won this one.


  • January 7, 2019

    Whew! Between the muffler and drive shaft you definitely chose the right one.

    After the aliens invade I plan to raid the pharmacies first but shortly after I leave I’ll be heading to AutoZone to clean it out.


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