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Juan – Las Vegas

This is Juan.

I was up pretty early yesterday getting the van ready for its next road trip to Zion National Park. So I decided it was time for a deep “Spring” clean. I basically went through every cabinet, underneath the bed and clean out everything I didn’t need. I got rid of bunch of clothes and other stuff I’ve picked up in the past few month that were no longer need in the van. I felt good to get it all out. All this cleaning took me about 3-4 hours and while I had almost all my stuff out on the side of the street, Juan came walking over from his house talking to me. I wasn’t sure exactly what he was saying but I did notice that he was carrying a glass of wine. Mind you it was only 10:30-11:00 AM. I asked him, “Are you drinking at 10:30AM on a Tuesday?” With a HUGE smile he said, “Well, yea. I got family coming over for lunch.” Before I he left I asked if I could take a few photographs of him. Which he was super happy to have my take a few.

We talked a bit more about Pulitzer price winners, golf, and dogs. He told me about an article he read in Men’s Health. “You dogs are really man’s best friend. They love you unconditionally.” A truck pulled up to his house and he said he had to leave, his son is here. While he was walking away he told me to go play golf. I said I don’t play golf, I play hockey. He said, “Hockey! thats too tough!”

So I started back with my cleaning the van and after about 20 minutes, I hear, “Yoe, Yjoe!” I came out and found Juan walking back across the street with a plate of food and water for me. He said I was working hard all morning and need some food.

He left again and told me Hockey is too tough.

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