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First Stop. Delaware

Leaving Boston this time around wasn’t a planned trip. A week before I left was my sister’s Memorial which was a great turnout of friends, family. Jessica has so many people that care about her. So many friends that had incredible stories of Jessica’s love, support, and goofiness. It was a great memorial for almost everyone. Which is some the reasoning behind unplanned departure.

I had to leave Boston to get back on the road. Get back to somewhere I faintly remembered. I knew getting in the van and driving was the first step. However, I had no idea where I was going or what I was thinking. But I knew it’s what I needed. It felt like everything was cloudy and dream. I was just going through the motions knowing I was in a depressed head space. Now, I like to feel I’m pretty head strong (some say stubborn) as well as a string will and can overcome a lot thats thrown at me in life. But this was a difficult one. I knew I was depressed, I knew I’d get through it but as anyone knows being in that state it super hard to see positivity in much. So I kept driving south from Boston, MA to somewhere south.

Driving south brought me to my first stop of my “Van Life 2.0” road trip, a small town somewhere on Eastern Delaware. It was starting to get dark and one of the things I’ve learned while traveling is to find a place to stay while it’s still light out.

Van and I made a stop at this little town where there was an empty parking lot near a river that looked super nice. We even walked around a little bit, took some photos, and did our bathroom duties. It was a nice place but right around the corner were some real shady neighbors that set off my spidey senses. Even though it was picture perfect at the moment, I felt it could get get sketch quick. So I looked up on my phone some camp grounds in the are and found one that looked good enough. We packed up then headed towards it.

Van was having a good time getting some time out of the van.

A local girl came running across the parking lot to catch up on some reading on the dock before it got too late.

When we arrived to the campground it was completely empty. Like No one was there expect the receptionist to take the reservation. It was off season. HA! After paying for my one night, I was escorted to the spot. A spot that was right on the Chesapeake bay. Super nice, super quiet and incredibly picturesque.

I settled in, built a fire, drank beer, and had the type if night I so needed. A night of remembering why I travel in my tiny home. I felt the heavyness start to lift off me while feeling a sense of calm and peacefulness.

A great start to my second season living out of the van.

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