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Chosen Family Easter Group Photograph

Happy VanLife HOBO Easter From The Chosen Family

We as a Vanlife group have come together as the Chosen Family. A family that traveled together for more than 3 month across the south eastern United States. We’ve explored, went on hikes, had multiple birthday parties, rock climbed, put on facemasks, create Hobo Bowling, made friends with cows, and so many more things it’s hard to put in one post.

Yesterday we added another super fun moment. A moment that started with, “Hey Joe, get your rabbit suits out!” Here’s what what happened. I’d like to say. This is our Happy Vanlife Easter from the Chosen Family to your family.

Jessie Nugent as the Easter Bunny
Hobo Easter Bunny poses in the desert
Mandolin playing for Easter
Bill playing the Mandolin for Easter
Easter circus
Adams Easter handstand on Bill
Katie poses for Easter
Katie poses for Hobo Easter
Adam in the redman suit
Adam was doing cartwheels right after this pose
Kwoka AKA Pat
Suzanne is so Hobo Easter. It’s perfect.
Hobo Wolf came to visit Hobo Easter
Even Hobo Wolf celebrated Hobo Easter with the family

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