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Ethan Grillo does a podcast

MakPhoto Travels Podcast with Ethan Grillo

Yup, that’s right! I’ve gone ahead and created my own podcast. A podcast that’s going to include people I’ve met along my travels in my tinyhome with VAN. Along with each podcast I’m including a blog post with photos, links, and educational information pertaining each individual podcast interview. Enjoy.


Here it is. The very first MakPhoto Travels podcast with Ethan Grillo. Have a listen to Ethan talk about his Nissan, his decision about traveling, and ROAD DOG MFG.

Road Dog

Ethan is a good friend of mine I’ve skated with over the past few years. We don’t get to skate as much together as I’d like but when we do it’s always a good time. Ethan also is one of those dudes that’s figured out life in many ways others haven’t his age. He owns a Travel gear for you and your furry friend with Portion of the proceeds donated to AFTA dog rescue organization. You can see his gear on his website and be sure to follow him on social media.

Ethan’s Van Setup

Ethan Grill sitting in his van

Ethan with a Texas Plant in Ohio

Ethan and I Meet Up

Ethan and I met up in Rapid City, South Dakota a few weeks ago after trying to meetup for a couple of months. We loosely planned on trying to meet in Bozemen, Montana prior Raid City, however, vanlife is vanlife and plans are hard to establish. Vanlife takes you constantly on spur of the moment journeys bringing surprises around each corner. For example, I hadn’t really looked into where Mt Rushmore was. Come to find out, it’s 30 minutes from Rapid City. Right where I just happen to spending the night waiting for Ethan.

Mt Wal-more

The next morning Ethan and I meet up, have breakfast and decide well, where are here, close to Mt Rushmore, why not go ahead and check it out. You got to, right? We finished breakfast then headed 30 minutes out. Yea, I was excited to see this HUGE achievement of faces carved into the side of a mountain was back when. However, as we got closer I soon realized we are entering a tourist trap. Trump signs, Tourist shops, “REAL HOMEMADE Ice Cream shops”, and Walmart Tourists everywhere. First of all, you have to pay to park to even get to the entrance of Mt Rushmore. Then you have to walk which I’m cool with. I figured I’ll bring Van for a walk too. Well, wheI got to the entrance I noticed a few other goofball men just like me thought it was a good idea to bring their dogs. Nope, “No Pets Allowed”. No, problem, I can see the faces from the entrance and thats all I needed. Plus I didn’t want to be apart of the herd of Walmart tourists all sweating trying to shove their oversized ice cream cones in their faces before it melts all over them.

Ethan and I both were ready to leave as soon as we got there. Mt Rushmore, not so good.


From here we decided it was best to get out of town to try to find a spot for the night. A spot close to a place we both heard we needed to visit. BADLANDS

We found a spot about an hour out of Rapid City. WAY OUT in the middle of nowhere. A grass flat plain very close to a Nuclear missile silo site. It was crazy, we could walk up to the actual missile launch silo. Yup, right in the silo, covered with thick glass, you could see the actual missile down there. Just like it was when it was in operation. After we had our moment of “holy shit thats dark”. After spending the night at our spot we got up hand a good breakfast then headed over to the Badlands. I can’t do justice here describing how awesome this place is. When I say you have to go visit, I mean YOU HAVE TO VISIT IT. It’s out of control how much that place looks like another planet. If I was to compare it to any other place. I’d say Joshua Tree has a few places like it but think Joshua Tree but ANGRY.

Ethan At Badlands
Angry Bad Lands
Pointy Badlands
End of the Road, Dog
End of the Trail
It me

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