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School bus on Jetty

Our 1999 International School Bus

aka: our new home awesome home!

I know, the title gave it completely away.

Ya’ll are here for our super exciting, life-changing FUN FUN news right!?

Joe and I bought a school bus together! After living in Lou-Lou the Sprinter van for the past 7 months as a couple, we realized that we needed just a bit more space. Not to mention how much we loved the thought of building a home together. It’s been a longtime dream for us both and we found ourselves talking of it over and over. We decided that now was as good a time as any to start making our dreams, our reality.

Overall. we did a ton of research on school buses but especially on different sizes, engines choices and body styles. We knew we wanted a vintage, old school bus body style but still wanted a fairly newer bus for maintenance ease. Also we knew that we didn’t want a really long bus but we were certain that we needed more space than the Sprinter van.

without further ado:

We introduce to you; OUR BUS! (We have chosen a name for her, but per tradition, that’s for another post)

school bus from side
1999 International School Bus

She’s a 1999 International School Bus from Gilbert, Arizona. Her engine is a Navistar T444E 7.3l diesel and she has an Allison transmission

This girl that we chose, is reminiscent of the 1960’s-1970’s in body style for us. It’s is also is known as a dog-nosed style. She’s considered a short sized bus and measures about 24 feet bumper to bumper. The total square footage of living space in her is approximately 165 square feet! This gives us about 80 more square feet of living space in the bus than we had in Lou-Lou the van! Literally, almost double!

I’m going to keep this post kind of short and sweet. The next I-don’t-even-know-how-many posts will be focused around our bus build! In addition, we’ll have some bittersweet news to share about Lou-Lou!


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