Ethan Grillo does a podcast

MakPhoto Travels Podcast with Ethan Grillo

September 9, 2020

Yup, that’s right! I’ve gone ahead and created my own podcast. A podcast that’s going to include people I’ve met along my travels in my tinyhome with VAN. Along with each podcast I’m including a blog post with photos, links, and educational information pertaining each individual podcast interview. Enjoy. PODCAST Here it is. The very […]

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Chosen Family Group Photo looking down in a circle

The 1st Annual Hobo Olympics Video.

August 26, 2020

The 1st annual Hobo Olympics video folks! Several nomads living together in the desert for months find themselves quaranTEAMed in Rimrock, AZ. As the weeks slipped away these hobos started getting creative with ways of entertaining themselves. Events include: Knife throwing with a pro hobo scrap built target. Cornhole using a salvaged broken table, and […]

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2020 Hobo Olympics


April 21, 2020

That’s right heard it. We are having our first ever Chosen Family Hobo Olympics. We’ve been competitively playing our own versions of games so much we’ve decided to hold the first ever Hobo Olympics. There are 4 teams consisting of two teammates dressed in their Hobo Olympic uniforms. With 4 Olympic events spanning over 4 […]

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Chosen Family Easter Group Photograph

Happy VanLife HOBO Easter From The Chosen Family

April 13, 2020

We as a Vanlife group have come together as the Chosen Family. A family that traveled together for more than 3 month across the south eastern United States. We’ve explored, went on hikes, had multiple birthday parties, rock climbed, put on facemasks, create Hobo Bowling, made friends with cows, and so many more things it’s […]

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Chosen Family Group Photo looking down in a circle

Vanlife friends on the road video – By Adam Angelico

April 11, 2020

Our Vanlife Tribe “Chosen Family” is a great story I’m happy to share with you all. A story about finding vanlife friends on the road. Adam Angelico beautifully put together this video of our first encounters with each other starting from the PARTR. Then traveling together for 3 months together exploring places like Joshua Tree, […]

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Hobo Justice League Portrait

No Name Road Show Episode 2 – Hobo Justice League

April 8, 2020

The second episode of the No Name Road Show podcast it out, The Hobo Justice League. Come listen to the Chosen Family Van life members tell you how it all started and some of their own thoughts on Van Life. Learn how we all met at the PARTR, hear what our favorite part of our […]

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Lets go pet the Cows!

March 19, 2020

Our new spot where we are staying for awhile while the’ RONA’ take hold of the planet. Not too bad for being quarantined. Cows, hikes, rain, campfires, Corned Beef dinner, and the Chosen Family tribe.

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No Name Road Show – Podcast

March 16, 2020

Thank you Tim for asking me to be your first guest on your podcast. I had a blast and fun time telling you about my first REAL van life experience. While you’re having a mandatory home quarintine, have a listen and enjoy the photos from the story.

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Hollywood Sign Hike

March 13, 2020

The crew took a real nice hike, steep but nice hike up the hills of Los Angeles to the back of the famous Hollywood sign. Check out the Video and don’t forget to subscribe for updates.

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FireOrbs in the Desert

March 5, 2020

When you’re in the desert with some amazing people that hadn’t spun steel wool in a whisk, what do you do? This is what you do. Bill and Jessie holds an umbrella while Zack shoot hot ambers at them. So not safe. But it’s a fun photo. Zack dragging the whisk away from the camera […]

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