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Two Guns Pool Skating

Old KOA Pool Skating at Two Guns

I’ve traveled through northern Arizona a few times and every time I’ve come through I’ve passed on the opportunity to stop at the Old KOA Pool Skating at Two Guns each time. Until Yesterday.

Adam, Katie, Bill, Jessie, and I all drove out to check it out. And man was it worth it. The drive wasn’t far from where we are staying, about 40 minutes or so east down the 40 interstate from Flagstaff. Even though its really close to Flagstaff, it’s quite a difference in scenery. Coming from forests the drive quickly turns to basically desert. No trees, no water of any kind, flat and barren. Except for when you turn off the highway. And once you get off the highway you’re basically there. Go past the gas station then park at the second water tower and you’re there.

Our Vans parked at Two Guns
The crew parked at the KOA Two Guns Pool

We parked, got out then walked over the graffiti covered abandoned pool. I was getting super excited, went back over to the van and grabbed boards, and a broom to sweep up the dirt inside the pool. Also I had to relocated a medium sized lizard and small desert mouse. Once that was taken care of it was time to skate. And SKATE we did.

The stoke was real while each were trying to find the best possible lines without killing ourselves. Adam has been on a board 2 1/2 times so far and he was getting backide around the deep end confidently by the end of the session. Hell, he was getting aroudn the deep end 2-3 times each run. AND BILL! Bill has been on a board twice. and he worked the whole time trying to get around the deep and finally nailed it the final run. So fucking awesome. Everyone was so stoked on EVERYONES. Such a good time.

Here’s some photos and quick video of us at the Old KOA Pool Skating at Two Guns.

Adam fisheye photo at Two Guns
Adam carving the pool at Two Guns KOA
Bill at Two Guns skating
Bill pool skating at Two Guns

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