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Darrigos and Hobos

Sailing with the D’arrigos and the Hobo Family

Sailing with the D’arrigos and the Hobo Family, a perfect way to spend the last days with travel friends, and long time friends.

There was many discussions about if we were even going to be able to go sailing. We needed wind, which wasn’t supposed to be around. The heat, Oh my god, the heat. It’s been in the high 90’s all week and being out on the water all day baking in the sun would be miserable. Is everyone sticking around or heading out of town? So, after all these talks over a super good PHO dinner we decided that we would try for 0500 hours. That’s 5AM for people like me.

Decision Time

After dinner Nelson, Nikki and I made the decision it would be best to drive to the Marina the night before ad have Jon and the family wake us up when they get there. From there we can simply get dressed and walk over to the marina. UGH. I was so looking forward to sailing with everyone but wasn’t looking forward to waking up at that 5AM.

I got to the marina around 11:30PM, parked, got ready for bed knowing I need at least 5-6 hours of sleep. Well, this was a challenge. Someone living close by had their windows open playing Super Mario Brother’s theme music turned up to 11. Who the hell listens to that for music? And for hours upon hours! Needless to say, I was up until about 2AM half thinking “Please let the sailing crew decide it’s too early to go sailing and call it off.” Nope, I was wrong. 5:15AM come just as quick as I fell asleep and I get a text “You awake?”.

Looks like we are going Sailing.

Nick prepping the sailboat

Marina Departure

Jon, Alison, and Christen all prepared the boat for departure while I was still trying to wake up. And before you knew it we were slowly motoring out to the Puget Sound.

Jon at the helm going out the sound
Darrigos and Hobos
Sunrise onPuget Sound

Sunrise of the Cascades and Mount Rainer

As we made our way out, the sunrise over the Cascades and Mount Rainer was beautiful. All the grumbles and grunts of waking up at 5:15 was all worth it. Our spirits were lifted as the sun came up while the winds started to pick up.

Once the sails were open. Is that the right term? I don’t know. When the sail were up. There we go. Once the sails were up we started to get some speed goin. While Jon, Nick, and Nelson made sure the rigging was set properly, Cole took charge of the helm. He was so god damn excited to steering the boat.


Cole Nelson

He almost didn’t want to give up the wheel however, everyone had a chance to get behind where too.

Nelson at the helm
Black and White Captain Nelson
Captain Nikki

Even the captain gets hungry on duty.

Feed the Captain

After a few hours of relaxing and sailing around the sound the wind started to die down, so we slowly made out way back to the marina.

I would have never had though we’d meet up on the west coast, me in a van, you and your amazing in a sail boat.

Thank you Jon.

Jon in his natural enviroment

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