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Extended Family – The Sewell’s

Staying the Sewell Family in Durham North Carolina was so needed after such a crazy few weeks. This time around the weather was cooperating. The nice fall temperatures were a treat sleeping in the van at night compared to last time. Plus having a great skating/drinking buddy didn’t hurt at all.

I stayed with Ben, Demi, Brennen, and Simon for about a week. Ben and skated a few times at the infamous parking blocks spot behind target. Ben completes owns that spot and can basically do any kind of slappy on each of the block. Big blocks, small blocks, chewed up blocks, tall blocks…yep, he’s got them dialed. Me however, I can barely get backside slaps on the medium one. I don’t know why it’s so hard on blocks but so much easier on curbs. We did try some new stuff. Ben learned blunts and I tried blunt to smith until I when feet over to hip. Which ended the session and a few days of rest ( drinking beers ).

We also skated Bens’ garage that has a parking block and 1/4. That was a ton of fun. Simon also got in on some of the action on his board. But mostly Simon and Brennan stuck to playing….God damn whats the name of those spinning tops things?? Yeego? I have no idea but those kids are obsessed with it.

I also got to make my two favorite meals for everyone. Japanese stew ( it wasn’t as good as it could be ) and Chipotle Enchiladas ( a huge hit ). Plus made my signature eggs and toast with raw honey.


  • Demi
    January 9, 2020

    Beyblade! ❤❤


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