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2020 Hobo Olympics


That’s right heard it. We are having our first ever Chosen Family Hobo Olympics. We’ve been competitively playing our own versions of games so much we’ve decided to hold the first ever Hobo Olympics. There are 4 teams consisting of two teammates dressed in their Hobo Olympic uniforms. With 4 Olympic events spanning over 4 days. All Event times are Arizona Time. You can come see our events while they are happening via Facebook Live, YouTube, or Instagram Live. Plus we’ll be posting within our feeds while its going on as well. Below is a full schedule of Events plus a links to each team members social media so you can watch live.

Team Social Media links
Joe Makarski – Instagram / YouTube / Facebook
Alan Bergeron – Instagram

Adam Angelico – Instagram / Youtube / Facebook
Katie Angelico – Instagram / YouTube / Facebook

Jessie Nugent and Bill Doherty – Instagram / YouTube / Facebook

Suzanne Kwoka – Instagram
Travis Hamilton – Facebook

The Hobo Olympics wouldn’t be an olympic without an opening ceremony consisting of carrying the torch and lighting of the ceremonial chimney bonfire. Watch as we gather around the fire as we do each night and burn pieces of Suzanne’s old van build then a special finally of ‘CHIMNEY FIRE”. You’ll have to tune in to see it.

The next four days will be the events beginning with Knife Throwing followed by Hobo Cornhole then ROCK CAN ( yea rock can ), and then the final day of Hobo Bowling. The competition will fierce, the trash talking will be rated R, and the cheating is unsupervised.


Hobo Cornhole
Hobo Olympic Event – Hobo Cornhole

4/22 Wednesday – Opening Ceremonies 6:00pm Arizona time

Opening Ceremonies Hobo torch carrying and lighting of ceremonial chimney bonfire

4/23 Thursday – Time Hobo Knife Throwing 5:00pm Arizona time.

First Ever Hobo Olympic Event Starting at 5:00pm Arizona Time Hobo Knife Throwing

4/24 Friday – Hobo Cornhole 5:00pm Arizona time.

Premiere event. You’ve seen it on my YouTube – Hobo Cornhole.

4/25 Saturday – ROCK CAN 5:00pm Arizona time,

Rock Can – LOL You’re going to have to tune in to find out.

4/26 Sunday – HOBO Bowling 4:00pm Arizona time.

For the final even. The Chosen Family goto event. The one that started it all, Hobo Bowling!

42/6 – Sunday – Hobo Olympics first evert awards and closing ceremony.

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